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Elegant Edge

Soft peach nail varnish

You dread the day of your job interview waking up thinking ”I am all prepared and ready for it.” This is the look of your nails, elegant, but with an edge at the same time.

The discreetness of a peach nail polish colour is just the right shade for the day. The peachy nail varnish has a great high gloss finish.

Chip resistant and long lasting formulation.

Previously I was head of the cosmetic department at Copenhagen Airport. A busy international place to work. Everyday people were on the go from A to B in a good mood and excited to be travelling.

I used to have so many interviews with young women who were looking for a jobs at the cosmetic department.

For sales people our requirement were a an out going personality, being able to service people with a smile and not affraid to approach people on the shop floor. It is quite easy to see at a job interview if a person is suitable basically the personality while talking along shows a lot.

A good advice make sure you look your best and show confidience at your next a job interview.

8,5 ml