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Red carpet nails

Some celebs get to walk the red carpet to the admiration of others. This is your cold red carpet nail varnish on days when you are in your best designer dress.

In general this not not your average red nail polish, with added nail treatments too. No chipping.

Every year from Hollywood’s biggest event the Oscars every fashion interested person watches celebrities for the next season hairstyles, manicures, makeup, and dresses.

Everybody knows the best look is saved for Oscar night. Still the Oscars are glitziest and most star-studded red carpet in Hollywood.

Often makeup looks counter smoky eyes in different combinations as the ultimate Oscar statement. Also appearing metallic eye shadow which makes eye pop even better to recall old school Hollywood glamour.

The California golden girl glow, sometimes reminds you simplicity is the best way to stand out.

A bit complex we ordinary people can admire from a distance. And let it be that way we can all dream.

Having spent so many years in the beauty industry I watch what goes on in our industry. At the moment we have a comeback of the red lipstick.

Even Taylor Swift has written multiple songs with lyrics pertaining to red lipsticks. If you watch around nude pale faces with a touch of intense black mascara and red lips is super hot for the time being.

A good red lipstick is a necessity.

But what makes one truly great isn’t the packaging, the price point, or the cult following. It’s how well it works for you and how it makes you look and feel.

Red lips and red nails are classics as ever. Might I inspire you with Red Carpet for your next red nail polish?

8,5 ml